Fun and creative ways to upcycle your packing box.

Fun and creative ways to upcycle your packing box.

When you order a play and learn kit, almost everything inside of the box, including the box is reusable. Even the plastic paint pots can be washed and re-used. I currently have a small tub full of buttons.

 the loose parts and pieces are a fantastic way to encourage open-ended play, or create the perfect backdrop for your own Dino enclosure.

My six year old son Eli, likes to empty the contents out immediately and paint the box first. He uses the dark green colour to set a rainforest foliage atmosphere.

The green background sets up the perfect prehistoric background.


Whilst the box is waiting he paints Gary the dinosaur (he likes to name his creations, welcome to the world Gary). 


Using the green crepe paper provided he scrunches up bits here and there. 

He idly glues a few on the outside of the front of the box. Ahhhhh, I can see his vision forming.

Using long strokes of the umber paint provided as the tree trunks, he then pastes natural feathers in lieu of leaves. This is the background of a forest. If you are crafty - you can also help your little ones to stick the bark on the tree trunk and realistic looking roots.

My parenting style is look back and wait for their cue for help. During this session, Eli was fine without my feedback.

Placing pieces of bark inside and outside of the Dino enclosure, he's done.


Gary looks very happy in his new home. I can't wait to see yours! 


Learning outcomes: fine motor skills, imagination, social skills through play, critical thinking, patience.

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